» managementstory van juli 2012

The calf path
One day, through the primeval wood,
A calf walked home as good calves should,
But made a trail all bent askew
A crooked trail, as all calves do.

That trail was taken up next day
By a dog that passed that way.
And then a wise bellwether sheep
Pursued the trail over vale and steep,
And drew the flock behind him, too
As good bellwethers always do.

And from that day, over hill and glade,
Through those old woods a path was made,
And many men wound in and out,
And uttered words of righteous wrath,
Because it was such a crooked path.
But still they followed (do not laugh)
The first migrations of the calf.

Each day a hundred thousand rout
Trailed that zigzag calf about
And over his crooked journey went
The traffic of a continent
A hundred thousand men were led
By one calf near two centuries dead.
A moral lesson this might teach
Were I ordained and called to preach.
For men are prone to go it blind
Along the calf paths of the mind.
They work away from sun to sun
To do what other men have done.
They follow in the beaten track
And out and in and forth and back
And still their devious course pursue
To keep the path that others do.

But how the wise old wood gods laugh
Who saw that first primeval calf...

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