» managementstory van februari 2016

A factory had recently hired a new CEO. Eager to set an example, the new leader went down tot he shop floor one day. He saw a group of workers busy at their stations, while one guy was leaning against the wall, watching. The CEO marched up tot his guy and asked:
”You, how much money do you make?”
“Two to three hundred bucks a week,” the man answered, looking a little aback. The CEO pulled out his wallet, and handed him $600.
“Here’s two weeks pay – you’re fired.”
As the man quickly left the building, the CEO turned to the shop floor and declared,
“That’s not what we do around here. We keep busy!”
As he was heading back to his office, he stopped to ask one of the stunned workers what that guy actually did in the company. The response:
“That was the pizza delivery guy.”

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